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Faster, more thorough identification of infections,
including Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

With so much at stake, infection prevention is about acting, not reacting. Every year nearly two million patients contract healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the United States with almost 90,000 of them resulting in death. In addition, the financial costs of HAIs to hospitals ranges from 28 billion to 45 billion.73 One of the largest challenges to effectively controlling HAIs is the speed in which data is shared and evaluated. And that’s where the Infection Control Assistant® comes in.

By reducing delays and inefficiencies, the Infection Control Assistant helps healthcare organizations successfully prevent HAIs. In an environment where minutes matter, the Infection Control Assistant delivers patient data in seconds and displays it in a format clinicians can configure for their individual needs.

Designed by clinicians in Infection Prevention (IP), the Infection Control Assistant is an easy-to-use, customizable application that helps IP teams:

  • Identify and confirm valid healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in real time.
  • Spot trends that could be missed manually.
  • Speed up interventions to keep patients safer.
  • Simplify reporting and compliance.
  • Configure workflow views to address specific tasks or initiatives.
  • Confirm and document valid HAI infections using NHSN case definitions.
  • Gain views to help understand transmission of pathogens between patients.
  • Reduce time to HAI confirmation and time-to-isolation.
  • Track organism resistance by hospital, location and source.
  • Find data, evaluate, document and report – all in real-time.
  • Enable continuous surveillance, real-time alerts, and timely analysis of infections.

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