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NEW: Clinical Pharmacists, Infection Preventionists and Physicians need more time in patient care areas.

  • Clinicians spend 40 percent of their day on a computer and only 12 percent on direct patient care. 79
  • 118,29 hours is spent each month on NHSN public reporting by one IP. 34
  • Only 27 percent of a physician’s workday is spent with patients. 92

Whether clinical teams need to find, assess and act on their constantly changing patient populations in real-time or be able to create rosters, alerts and notifications for members outside their clinical team, mobile technology powered by TheraDoc is now available!

  • Intuitive: easily tap essential TheraDoc functionality to gain insights critical to patient care
  • Accessible: review current patient information including notifications, clinical data and documented activities at the bedside
    • Trend laboratory and vital signs information
    • Dismiss alerts with a swipe
    • Toggle between active, inactive and PRN medications
  • Timely: immediate notifications of potential issues of interest with direct access to relevant supporting patient data

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