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Patient populations constantly change and with this constant change comes risk to patients and providers. Clinicians need to proactively identify at-risk patients with tools that can be instantly customized, prioritize actions for improved patient care and avoid penalties through accurate and timely reporting.

Over 1100 hospitals have taken on this risk confidently with clinical surveillance powered by TheraDoc®. Alerting, reporting and analytics are customizable to the organization, by the clinical user, and with the system to improve clinical outcomes, lower costs and meet regulatory compliance. Premier’s expertise and proven track record provides a unique complement to your existing technology and staff.

  • At a glance, clinicians know what to do — without breaking stride — to intervene on critical but avoidable patient deterioration.
  • Enable clinical pharmacy teams to optimize drug therapy, improve medication usage (ie. antimicrobial stewardship), minimize adverse drug events and manage anticoagulants.
  • Reduce time for infection prevention teams to find, assess and intervene to protect patients from HAIs and to avoid HAC penalties.
  • Energize front line care givers, physicians and clinicians, with mobile device access to patient data on the go and ability to organize their day with rosters, alerts and notifications based on their patient population.

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Clinical Assistant

Find. Assess. Act. With the data you need in your pocket, you can quickly identify, evaluate and take action on real-time notifications and patient data to improve patient care and impact a greater proportion of your patients. Extend. Create rosters, alert views and push notifications for members outside your clinical team.
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Pharmacy Assistant™

Imagine a clinical system that helps pharmacists quickly identify the patients who need assessment at the click of a button. THEN, imagine that this system provides Pharmacists with only the relevant patient information needed to determine if action is required. Imagine no longer. The system exists. It is Pharmacy Assistant™ powered by TheraDoc.
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Infection Control Assistant®

With so much at stake, infection prevention is about acting, not reacting. Every year nearly two million patients contract healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the United States with almost 90,000 of them resulting in death. In addition, the financial costs of HAIs to hospitals ranges from 28 billion to 45 billion.73 One of the largest challenges to effectively controlling HAIs is the speed in which data is shared and evaluated. And that’s where the Infection Control Assistant® comes in.
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