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Optimize drug therapies – enhance antimicrobial stewardship programs and empower clinicians to easily manage patient medication

Save time, money—and improve patient outcomes.24,7,3 TheraDoc® gives clinical pharmacists a comprehensive set of surveillance tools that supports clinical team collaboration so that together they can improve patient care. Pharmacists who already use TheraDoc’s Pharmacy Assistant™ are seeing the results: a randomized controlled trial showed that 32% fewer antibiotics were prescribed inappropriately.8

TheraDoc empowers pharmacists with the clinical insights and flexible tools necessary to help them identify targeted clinical intervention opportunities, track performance with departmental reports and identify opportunities to optimize drug therapy in real-time.

Pharmacy Assistant supports:

  • Targeted patient lists: Find and prioritize patients related to antimicrobial stewardship, anticoagulation, critical lab results and pharmacy-to-dose orders.
  • Specialized, exportable data and reports: Use prebuilt reports or configure reports to meet department needs.
  • On-Demand Antibiograms: Create and execute antibiograms in hours instead of months.
  • Antimicrobial stewardship programs: Initiate an antimicrobial stewardship program or enhance an existing program —identify overuse of antibiotics, reduce time-to-appropriate therapy and enhance therapy for difficult-to-treat pathogens.
  • Adverse drug prevention: Identify potential problems in the medication-use process.
  • Anticoagulation management: Meet the National Patient Safety Goal for the reduction of patient harm associated with therapy, efficiently review anticoagulant orders, relevant lab data and alerts and monitor achievement of therapeutic goals.
  • Days of Therapy (DOT) tracking: Track and report antimicrobial procedures using the preferred metric of the CDC.
  • Timely alerts: Within seconds of a potential issue being reported, identify and prioritize patients for intervention using a wide range of critical, targeted clinical parameters.

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