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theradoc-esurveillanceAllow your IP staff to spend more time on: education, rounding and initiatives

Start eSurveillance today! Have your daily HAI surveillance supported by Premier’s Clinical Consultants experienced in Infection Prevention and TheraDoc within large healthcare facilities.

Proven: Give back to your IP staff 3 hours a day72 so they can spend more time doing the things that directly improve patient care — education, rounding and initiatives.

How does it work? Our expert IP Clinical Consultants remotely access and review your TheraDoc and EMR data to identify and document potential HAIs. After a collaborative assessment, our Clinical Consultants will:
• Triage HAI surveillance data
• Document potential HAIs
• Assist with HAI reporting for NHSN

Get your first month FREE! Sign up for 12 months and get the first month free.

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