The TheraDoc solution places critical patient information and medical knowledge at the clinician’s fingertips. Time is no longer wasted hunting through disparate information sources to collect the data needed to intervene quickly, prescribe appropriately, and improve care. A pioneer in this field, TheraDoc has been reducing healthcare costs by enhancing the quality and safety of patient care for over ten years.

Our technology is delivered through the Clinical Intelligence™ Platform which aligns with a hospital’s information systems to leverage existing patient data—providing the most comprehensive interfacing capabilities in the industry. The platform is the engine that powers a suite of software Knowledge Modules which provide real-time information and alerts to answer five key questions for clinicians:

  • Who they need to look at
  • What they need to look at
  • What they need to do
  • Why they need to do it
  • What they need to document

It is about the data.
The need of data being correctly interpreted and not simply “mined” is clarified by the Institute of Medicine; which states that adherence to vocabulary and interoperability standards is key to the effective use of information technologies for improving patient care. In addition, with TheraDoc, healthcare information remains at the hospital rather than being transmitted to an outside source for processing, protecting the security of critical patient information at a time of increasingly stringent privacy regulations. Email brochure