Focus more on education, initiatives and rounding! Let our expert IP Clinical Consultants remotely review TheraDoc and EMR data to identify and document potential HAIs.
• Triage HAI surveillance data
• Document potential HAIs
• Assist with HAI documentation for NHSNLearn More
workflowWorkflow Redesign
Re-energize your clinical surveillance program around HAIs! Our 10+ years of know-how and experience in over 700 hospitals can provide a fresh perspective and improved focus.
• Standardize documentation and workflow
• Identify opportunities for automation
• Pinpoint areas for efficiencyRequest Consult
workflowDashboards and Reporting Updates
Need to show the impact of of your clinical initiatives? We can help ensure that you accurately communicate how specific initiatives have impacted patient care against organization goals.
• Create meaningful reports and dashboard views
• Ensure data elements are properly reflectedRequest Consult