EZ Alerts Assistant™

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Write your own rules to track your clinical challenges.

Unlike alerting tools from other clinical surveillance systems, the TheraDocTM EZ Alerts Assistant empowers clinicians to configure their own rules and alerts in minutes, enabling the identification of any outcome or change in patient status that can be tracked with the available data.

Combine this with the ability to integrate data from almost any source system in real-time*, and it’s easy to see why the EZ Alerts Assistant is a critically important tool for over 450 hospitals nationwide.

The EZ Alerts Assistant can assist your clinical team in many ways:

- identify patients requiring interventions

- document actions that show compliance

    • Create your own alerts as needed with the EZ Alerts Assistant, or use TheraDoc’s evidence based alerts with the Clinical Alerts AssistantTM
    • Alerts can be automatically distributed to e-mail and mobile devices within seconds

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* A matter of seconds.